Minnesota Fighting Pike
Minnesota Fighting Pike Logo
The Minnesota Fighting Pike Logo






Minneapolis, Minnesota


Target Center

Team Colors:

Green, Gold, White


Tom Scallen

Head Coach(es):

Ray Jauch

Division Titles:




The Minnesota Fighting Pike are a former franchise primarily recognized by the Arena Football League. The team debuted in 1996, only to fold in the same year after posting a 4-10 record. The Fighting Pikes are one of nine franchises in league history to only last one year in the AFL.

In and Out (1996)Edit

The Minnesota Fighting Pike were one of two new teams (the other being the Texas Terror) to enter the AFL in 1996. They served under head coach Ray Jauch, who had served as head coach with the Chicago Bruisers back in 1987. The Fighting Pike won their debut game against the Texas Terror in a low-scoring 36-24 contest. Following their win, they would go on to lose their next eight games, including a 30-85 slaughtering at the hands of the Albany Firebirds in week four. Their next win came against the Connecticut Coyotes in a close 44-40 fight. The Fighting Pike closed out the season going 2-2, putting their overall record for the 1996 AFL regular season at 4-10.

Prior to the 1997 AFL season, the team announced that it would shut down all football operations.

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