Los Angeles Cobras
Los Angeles Cobras
The Los Angeles Cobras Logo






Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena

Team Colors:

Navy, Goldenrod, White



Head Coach(es):

Ray Willsey

Division Titles:




The Los Angeles Cobras are a former franchise primarily recognized by the Arena Football League. The team made its debut in 1988 and folded the same year after posting a 5-6-1 record. They are one of nine franchises in league history that lasted only one year in the AFL.

Introduction and Exit (1988)Edit

The Los Angeles Cobras were one of four expansion teams to come into the AFL's second year of existence, along with the Detroit DriveNew York Knights, and New England Steamrollers. They served under rookie head coach Ray Willsey for their first and only season. The Cobras started the season losing their first three bouts, including their debut game against fellow one-year wonder franchise New York Knights. They won their next three games, putting their overall record at 3-3 at the season's halfway point. They went on to lose back-to-back games against the Detroit Drive, then finish off the season going 2-1-1, putting their overall record for the 1988 AFL regular season at 5-6-1. Despite the losing record, they were able to make the playoffs. They would lose in the first round of the playoffs against the Chicago Bruisers.

Prior to the 1989 AFL season, the team announced that they would shut down all football operations.

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