Indiana Firebirds
Indiana Firebirds Logo
The Indiana Firebirds Logo






Albany, New York (1990-2000) Indianapolis, Indiana (2001-2004)


Times Union Center (1990-2000) Conseco Fieldhouse (2001-2004)

Team Colors:

Royal Blue, Red, Burnt Orange, Gold, Black, White


- (1990-2001) Dave Lageschulte (2002-2004)

Head Coach(es):

Rick Buffington (1990-1993) Mike Hohensee (1994-1996) Mike Dailey (1997-2003) Steve DeBerg, Mike Wilpolt (2004)

Division Titles:

6 (1994-1996, 1998-1999, 2000)


1 (1999)

The Indiana Firebirds are a former franchise primarily recognized by the Arena Football League. The team debuted in 1990 under the title Albany Firebirds where they're more recognized for their success in the league. In 1999, they won their first ArenaBowl Championship in ArenaBowl XIII. In 2000, the team announced that they would be moving their base of operations to Indianapolis, Indiana, and would rename the team accordingly. The team never found the same success in Indiana as they did in Albany, and the team eventually folded in 2004.

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