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About the AFL

The rules of the AFL are much like the NFL, but with a few alterations.

  • The total length of the play area is cut in half, only 50 yards long with 8 yard long endzones. The uprights are 9 feet wide and the crossbar is 15 feet above the turf.
  • The play clock will run uninterrupted unless there is a penalty, in which after it is announced, the clock will resume. The play clock will assume the rules of the NFL at the final minute mark of the second and fourth quarters of the game.
  • You are able to have a maximum of 8 players on the field and you may not blitz with the linebacker.
  • Teams are not allowed to punt, and playing on fourth down is encouraged. Kickers are allowed to drop-kick the ball in order to score four points for a field goal instead of kicking the traditional way for three.
  • Receivers may only have one foot in bounds in order to catch a pass, similar to the NCAAF.
  • If a ball rebounds off the rebound net or sideline barriers, the ball is still considered live.
  • Defensive linemen are not allowed to stunt or twist past offensive linemen.
  • Tight ends are not an established position on an offense. However, an offensive linemen may declare himself a tight end by raising his arm prior to the snap to signal to the referees that he is an eligible receiver.
  • One receiver is allowed to move around before an offensive play, but may not pass the line of scrimmage until the ball is snapped.


The Portland Thunder have been re-branded as the Portland Steel.

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